Monthly Archives: October 2014

What’s up with Tsu?

Tsu is one of the newer additions to the social networking landscape and already seems to be generating some hype.  What’s different in Tsu?  The main selling point is that they say they share 90% of the revenue with the content creators (that means us).

Facebook and similar sites simply give us a platform to either create our own content, or share content of others, thereby creating an audience for them.  They then provide the opportunity for others to advertise to this audience and thereby make their money.  Facebook has already passed one billion in users and generates five billion in revenue, all of which stays with them.  We do the hard work and waste our time on the site, and what do we get?  Nothing!

Tsu on the other hand says that 90% of the revenue will be shared with the users.  The more friends you have in the network, and the more content and engagement that you create, the bigger the share of money that you get.

How do you get people to join?  Simply, they cannot see any content unless they sign up via an invite or link from an existing user.  If they want to engage with you, they have to register.  Registration is pretty simple and straightforward and takes a minute or two and needs a basic email verification only.

After that, fill up a bit of profile information and start inviting your friends to join, and go about creating the content, pretty much the same way that you would do for your other social networks.

Do they really pay?  Only time will tell.  It’s too soon to say, since they launched only in October 2014, and as of now, there really isn’t anyone who has received a payment.  So, fingers crossed, and start creating content!

You can signup for your own Tsu account via