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MBA Advanced Entry for CIMA Passed Finalists @ Rs. 310,000

For those that are interested in the next step of their studies, ESOFT Metro Campus is excited to offer something special.

Having completed your CIMA professional qualifications and earned some professional experience as well, the next step forward is for you to achieve a postgraduate qualification.  The qualification of choice at the moment is the general MBA, since it provides an overall coverage of the main areas that are required for a senior administrator or business consultant.CIMA_logo_name

ESOFT has partnered with London Metropolitan University in the UK as of 2014 as their strategic partner to offer undergraduate and postgraduate qualifications in Sri Lanka.  As part of this partnership, ESOFT offers a Masters in Business Administration (MBA) which has the following key points:

  1. The University, and hence the MBA award are UGC recognised.
  2. Learn the same curricula and earn the same qualification as in the UK, at a fraction of the cost
  3. Lectures are delivered by seasoned business leaders and entrepreneurs as well as senior academics for a well balanced delivery
  4. Direct registration with the University, meaning that you are a student of London Met
  5. 180 Credits to be earned within an 18 month programme (120 credits for CIMA finalists).
  6. Those that have completed a qualification at a comparable level are given advanced entry to the MBA.  This means that those that have completed CIMA can directly enter into the 2nd semester with a considerable cost saving.
  7. MBA programme is accredited by the Chartered Management Institute, UK

Special Offer for those that have completed CIMA Strategic Level.

Those that have successfully completed CIMA Strategic level and who also possess the required professional experience will be given advanced entry to the MBA programme of London Metropolitan University at ESOFT, meaning that you can achieve your qualification in approximately one year.

Whereas the normal MBA programme requires an investment of Rs. 520,000 and 18 months of time, CIMA finalists can complete the MBA within 12 months at an all inclusive investment of 360,000. Those who register before the 31st of January 2016, get a special rate of 330,000 for part payments and 310,000 for full payments.

Those that are interested in availing themselves of this offer should contact ESOFT Metro Campus on 077 309 9 309 or fill the online enquiry form at

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