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BCS to Topup copy

BCS HEQ Diploma to a British Honours Degree

The BCS Higher Education Qualification is a professional qualification leading up to chartered status in IT, and is considered as being equivalent to a honours degree.

However, for those that are looking for something slightly different, we can give them the option of transferring to our top-up (final year) degrees offered in collaboration with London Metropolitan University, UK.

ESOFT is the Strategic Partner of London Metropolitan University in Sri Lanka and they currently offer two degree options in the field of IT.

BSc (Hons) in Computing

This is a general computing degree and consists of the following subjects

  • Project
  • Application Development
  • Advanced Database Systems Development
  • Management Support Systems
  • Work Related Learning II

Further Details: http://marketing.et.lk/esoft/BSc-Hons-in-Computing/

BEng (Hons) in Software Engineering

This is a more specialist degree award with a more prestigious title, namely the BEng.  It consists of the following subjects

  • Project
  • Application Development
  • Advanced Software Engineering
  • Management Support Systems
  • Artificial Intelligence

Further Details: http://marketing.et.lk/esoft/BEng-Hons-in-Software-Engineering/

The Offer

Those that have successfully completed the BCS HEQ Diploma can register for any of the above top-up degrees and achieve a British Honours Degree at an affordable fee.  The usual course fee is Rs. 375,000.  However as part of this offer, the programme is available at 299,000 for full payments and 325,000 for part payments.

Please note that this is an all-inclusive offer.  It includes Course Fees, University Registration Fee, Examinations Fees, etc.  There are no other payments.

Intakes for the Degree programmes are usually every February and September.